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For INTERSPEECH2010 attendees

We are planning to hire a charter bus from Makuhari Messe, which is the venue of INTERSPEECH2010, to the AVSP2010 conference site. The bus will depart at 16:00, taking about 3-hour travel, then arrive the hotel roughly at 19:00 (but it depends on traffic jam). The exact departure time and designated place will be announced at a later date. After arrival, we will enjoy welcome dinner at the hotel !

Unfortunately, the charter bus maybe cannot wait for the closing ceremony of INTERSPEECH2010. For attendees who want to participate in the ceremony, we suggest the following travel:

  1. Walk to Kaihin-Makuhari station. (approximately 5 min.)
  2. Take a JR local or rapid train to Tokyo. (6 trains/hour, 30-40 min.)
  3. Change your train at Tokyo station. (roughly 20 min. transfer)
  4. Take a Shinkansen (bullet-train service) "Kodama" train. (2 trains/hour, 35 min.)
  5. Get off your train at Odawara station.
  6. Take a free charter bus to the hotel which will leave Odawara station at 19:40.

Note that the last train by which you can catch the free bus depart Kaihin-Makuhari at 17:54. And be careful that you will take neither "Hikari" nor "Nozomi" at Tokyo station. These trains do not stop at Odawara station !

To directly access the AVSP2010 venue from Narita airport

The best way from Narita airport to the venue by yourself is:

  1. Take a JR limited-express train "Narita Express" from Narita-Airport or Airport-Terminal-2 station. (2 trains/hour, 60 min.)
  2. Change your train at Tokyo station (roughly 20 min. transfer) or Shinagawa station (roughly 10 min. transfer)
  3. Take a Shinkansen "Kodama" train. (2 trains/hour, 35 min.)
  4. Get off your train at Odawara station.
  5. Take a free bus to the hotel (at 11:30, 14:00, 16:00) including a charter bus departing at 19:40.

We suggest you to choose an earlier flight to Narita. The last train departs Narita-Airport station at 17:44 and arrives Shinagawa station at 18:55, in which you can change your train to the "Kodama" train with 9 minite transfer.

If you would use a late flight or miss the last train, there is no bus service from any station near the hotel. The only choise is taxy, but it is so expensive (about 7,000-8,000 yen) ! Furthermore, you cannot attend welcome dinner, so you have to prepare your dinner by yourself. Thus we strongly encourage you to arrive Odawara station before 19:40.

Another way is to come to Makuhari Messe by 16:00 on September 30. It takes roughly 40 minutes from Narita airport to Makuhari by airport bus. The most suitable bus departs Narita Airport Terminal 2 at 14:30 and Terminal 1 at 14:35.

To directly access the AVSP2010 venue from Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka

From Nagoya, which is a central area of Japan, Shinkansen is almost the only choice to the AVSP2010 venue. Two Shinkansen "Kodama" superexpresses are available per hour. The suitable Shinkansen train will leave Nagoya at 17:28 and reach Odawara at 19:36.

Enjoying Kyoto before AVSP2010 makes your travel so attractive. From Kyoto and Osaka (the second largest city in Japan), you can use the "Hikari" superexpress which will leave Shin-Osaka at 16:13 and Kyoto at 16:29.

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