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Invited Speakers

Prof. Gergely Csibra

Prof. Gergely Csibra

"Recognition of communicative intentions in infancy"

His research focuses on various aspects of cognitive development in infancy. He studies infants' visual processing, such as attention and eye-movement control, object and face perception, communicative signal interpretation.
  • A.Senju, G.Csibra, M.H.Johnson, "Understanding the referential nature of looking: Infants' preference for object-directed gaze," Cognition, vol.108, pp.303-319 (2008).
  • J.Topál, G.Gergely, Á.Miklósi, Á.Erdöhegyi, G.Csibra, "Infant perseverative errors are induced by pragmatic misinterpretation," Science, vol.321, pp.1831-1834 (2008).
  • P.Tomalski, G.Csibra, M.H.Johnson, "Rapid orienting toward face-like stimuli with gaze-relevant contrast information," Perception, vol.38, pp.569-578 (2009).

Prof. Tetsunori Kobayashi

"Robot as a multimodal human interface device"

His interests are computer-human interaction using speech and image processing, intelligent robot, speech generation and perception, and development paradigm of interface.
  • T.Kobayashi, S.Fujie, U.Matsusaka, K.Shirai, "Anthropo-morphic conversational robot : Multimodal human interface with para-linguistic information expressing/understanding abilities," The Acoustical Society of Japan, vol.61,no.2,pp.85-90 (2005).
  • Y.Matsusaka, T.Tojo, T.Kobayashi, "Conversation robot participating in group conversation," Trans. IEICE, Vol.E86-D, No.1, pp.26-36 (2003).
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